10 Unique Items to Bring to a Baby Shower

by Alexander Gibson

Buying anything for a new mom will be helpful and appreciative, however, why not get her something she will use over and over again. We put together a list of 10 perfect items to get your new mom friend for a baby shower. 

Stuffed Animal and Blanket in One

This is a cute and great gift for a baby. Babies love to cuddle and be cuddled. Help your baby to self soothe with a security blanket sized just for infants. A comfy soft little friend and blanket all in one will give little ones the warm fuzzies!

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 Skin Care Set that Will Make Her feel Renewed

Not all baby shower gifts need to be for the baby. After giving birth and caring for a child it is nice to have something a little special for the new mother. 

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Small Baby Jacket

Babies often will get cold. Having a jacket on hand will help mom keep baby happy and reduce stress.

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 Diaper Caddy

Our modern diaper caddies go wherever you go. When you have all your baby’s changing essentials in one container, ready to go, it makes the constant diaper changing process less tedious. Our modern diaper caddies work well as a permanent diaper changing station organizer in your baby’s nursery and as a portable diaper caddy to use outside your home. 

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 A Soft Robe She Won’t Want to Take Off

After coming home from the hospital your new mom is going to want to be as comfortable as possible. A new fuzzy robe will do just the trick. She will still be able to breastfeed easily and stay cozy at the same time.

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 Pack of Socks for Baby

Socks, socks and more socks! Keep baby’s feet warm with Luvable Friends Assorted Socks. They are ideal for everyday wear with soft fabric that is comfortable on your baby's little feet. The stretchable design makes for proper fit and no fuss dressing. Available in several different designs and sized from 0-6 months!

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Candle for Her

We suggest always throwing in a few items for mom when deciding on a gift. She will be doing a lot of the work and it is so thoughtful to get her gifts along with the baby. An easy and perfect gift is a candle. This cute one has a perfect motivational quote for your new mom.

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Comfy Slippers for Mom

Again, let’s try and help mom be as comfortable as possible!


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Baby Bracelets

This gift is sweet and will be a keepsake for baby and mom. 

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Letter Board

This is a great idea for a baby shower and so trendy! The new mom can use it when posting about milestones and anything else she can think of!

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