16 Things To Do on a Weekend in Fall

Family picking apples together

Fall doesn't last long so make sure you are getting the most out of it! Today we wrote down our 16 favorite things to do this fall.

1. Go to a local play ground

When the weather is nice, it is time to take full advantage of it. Find a local play ground to take your kids. Maybe try one they haven't been to before and enjoy sitting on the bench feeling the cool air of Fall.

Baby and mom laughing

2. Have a family bonfire

Having a fire is the perfect way to kick off a Fall evening. Maybe you could tell a couple of scary stories and roast marsh-mellows for some s'mores. 

3. Go to the farmers market

This weekend activity in the Fall is a great option to support local business. Usually there will be a pumpkin stand which would be a great opportunity to pick up a pumpkin for carving!

4. Pumpkin patch

This is an easy Fall favorite and for good reason! Most pumpkin patch locations will have plenty of other things to do! Maybe a hay ride. If not, at least you could get some cute pumpkin pictures of your family.

5. Go to the petting farm

Surprising, this is a great and fun activity to do in the Fall. The weather is nice which means the animals are more likely to want to move around and interact!

Dad and son feeding a horse

6. Go hiking

Hiking is fun in the summer, but have you tried hiking on the Fall? So much better! Less bugs and better weather. Find a fun simple hike to do and maybe even bring a picnic!

7. Watch a Halloween movie

This one is easy, and fun! There are so many different options that will be the hardest part, choosing one. Try adding a few halloween colored M&M's to your popcorn for a fun surprise for your kids. 

8. Head to the apple orchard

Picking apples is a sweet and timeless activity. After picking apples, come home and make a special Fall apple treat!

family picking apples together

9. Go on a nature walk

This activity is free and can be very entertaining! Go walk around and look for Fall items like leaves or acorns. Try and make a game of it and really get your kids excited about being outside!

10. Go on a picnic

Pack up your favorite foods and head to the great outdoors. Or indoors! You can also have a picnic right in your front room if you'd like!


11. Taste fall

Make a special Fall treat together! We recommend caramel apples, apple pie, or pumpkin cookies!

Daughter and dad in kitchen smiling

12. Make a bird feeder

This can be an easy and fun thing to do together! You can buy a kit online and have one done in a single afternoon.

13. Explore a corn maze

You can usually find a pumpkin patch along the way!

14. Rake leaves

Keep Fall right in your own home by going outside and playing with leaves! Rake into a big pile and then play in all day!

15. Read an Fall inspired book

As bedtime rolls around pull out all your favorite fall books for your children. Maybe you could throw in a scary story!

Moms playing with daughters

16. Make some hot chocolate

Fall brings on cold weather so bring on the warm drinks! This is a perfect time to cuddle up with a warm cup full of hot chocolate. 


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