5 Tips to Keep Baby's Room Clean and Reduce Stress

5 Tips to Keep Baby's Room Clean and Reduce Stress

You will be surprised at how the smallest of baby items can make the biggest of messes. And fast. Scary fast. Being a mother is already stressful so having lots of clutter around will only add to the stress. The secret to having a tidy nursery is creating an organizing system that you can actually continue with when life gets busier.  Here are five main organizing tips to help get you and your baby’s nursery into tip top shape.

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Reorganize The Changing Table
What to keep out and what to put away is the number one rule. You should always keep the necessary things out like lotions, wipes, diapers and really any changing-table items. Of course, we recommend keeping these things in one of our diaper caddies or in an easy to access bin. Clothes, socks, and any other “put away” items should be put in drawers. If your drawers need more organizing you can always add drawer dividers. Keeping your actual changing-table items readily available will make diaper changes easier with a moving baby.

Use All of The Closet
Baby clothes are small and short so we recommend installing a double-hanging closet rod or shelves to maximize space. You can fold and stash baby’s extra clothing away in here. It is also a good idea to keep toys and seasonal clothing in bins on the floor. Make sure you keep the toy bin in front so it is easy to grab when baby is ready to play.

Go Up
This is perfect for babies since they can’t reach anything high. Using height in the nursery will help with storage. Get vertical bookshelves or horizontal wall shelves. You can store books and other baby items here.

Put Everything in a Container
It is easy to find cute bins or baskets to store stuff (Arabella Baby’s Diaper Caddy). But having a separate container for everything will help you stay organized. Toys, blankets, burp cloths, the list could go on and on. When your baby starts to get older it is important to get smaller containers even for those little toys like building blocks.

Tidy Up Every Day
Every day we recommend tidying up for 10-15 minutes. This should be easy if you have a place for everything. Set a timer when baby is playing and put things away. Once a week you should clean the nursery by dusting, wiping and disinfecting. Lastly, we recommend that once a month you go through baby’s items and store things that no longer fit them. If you plan on having more kids store them in large Tupperware and if not, donate them.

Find Furniture with Storage
The more drawers and cabinets the better! Using a bookshelf with the cube system also is a great storage idea. Be careful though as baby starts to pull herself up the cubes will be easy for her to grab. Find a storage ottoman to stash the bulkier items like blankets and pillows.

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