7 Tips for Successful Travel With Baby or Toddler

7  Tips for Successful Travel With Baby or Toddler

What could possibly be worse than sitting next to a crying baby on an airplane? Being the mother of that crying baby! Traveling with your baby and toddler is like going on a long hike: it's all about haul and carry. Being prepared before you leave will ensure a smoother “ride” for you and your children.

Baby and mom on airplane 

7 Tips for Successful Travel With Baby or Toddler:

  1. Make a Checklist. Packing without using a checklist is never a good idea. Before baby, sure it was easy to stop and pick up a tooth brush. However, finding a replacement for “blankey” during travels is a whole other story. Start packing a couple days in advance to make sure everything baby will need is washed and cleaned ready for packing.
  1. If you are traveling by plane, have your partner load travel items pre-boarding. While waiting to board find a nice spot for you, baby and other children. As they call for pre-boarding for small children stay put while your partner loads the suit cases and other essentials items such as strollers and car seats. Once your partner is finished they can de-board. This gives the children and mommy an extra 30 minutes to move around before take-off time. You won’t have to be worried because your partner has already set everything up in your seats and can help you get the children on the plane. Having to wait and load on a crowded plane with children is never easy!
  1. Bring lots of extra clothing and diapers.If traveling by plane, it is important to dress your baby or toddler in layers. That way whether or not it is hot or cold, the baby will be comfortable with any temperature. A cold or hot baby is a crying baby. Whether you are traveling by plane or by car, messes happen, so having extra outfits and diapers are a must. Make sure they are easily accessible. Carrying on a couple of gallon Ziploc bags will be helpful when there is an outfit mishap or dirty diaper.
  1. Bring plenty of Tylenol and/or Advil. A baby either teething or having a fever is never predictable. It always seems like that tooth pops out the day we are about to leave for a trip. Since sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can already be tough for a child, make sure during those emergency times you are prepared. You may or may not use it but you’ll thank yourself if you do.
  1. Be mindful of snacks and waterKeeping your baby and toddler hydrated is important. We recommend bringing a sippy cup as it will help relieve pressure during take-off and landing. Have easy-to-eat snacks readily available. Having small portions of several different snack items will help keep your toddler entertained.
  1.  Bring favorite sleep time item. Bringing their favorite blanket, toy, or treat, will help keep them feel comfortable and safe. You will want to bring items that help them stay on routine as close as possible. This will help calm and prompt the baby to fall asleep on its own rather than having to resort to medicine. However, we do suggest bringing baby melatonin in case your baby is having difficulties sleeping.
  1. Ensure all your devices are fully-charged -- and bring a portable charger. Preparing ahead of time that all your technology is fully charged is important. Tablet and phone batteries are the first thing to go by the end of the day during travel so carrying around a portable charger can be a life saver.  

 Traveling with kids can be an enjoyable experience as long as you are prepared. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, plan, pack and schedule accordingly and your time away from home can be a success. And remember, you are only as happy as your baby is so keep in mind the needs of your children.

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