Baby Room Furniture Checklist: 10 Nursery Essentials

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Newborn Baby Checklist: 10 Must-Haves for Your Nursery

It's common when new moms register for baby items they are left with confusion and uncertainty. Oftentimes new moms receive items that are, in hindsight, not as useful as they thought they would be. Shopping for a new baby is expensive and can easily overwhelm new parents. Bringing useful gifts to a baby shower can be helpful for those new parents. This article can help reassure new parents of the nursery must-haves and everything you need for a baby.


Having a nice crib is going to be one of the best investments you can make as new parents. A baby crib is something you’ll be using every day and some cribs can transform into toddler beds. This is a great way to save money and get the best bang for your buck!

When looking for cribs, you’ll want to keep size in storage in mind. Depending on your baby's nursery, you might want to have a crib that allows you to store baby clothes are other items underneath the crib. Some cribs also have side storage! Keeping in mind your storage needs depending on the room size is important!



Baby bedding is a great and surprising registry item new moms don't think about. This item doesn’t make it on the registry simply because new moms don’t realize how important it is! Keeping several pairs of baby bedding on hand is important because babies will often leak through their diapers and you’ll want to be able to have your crib available and clean whenever needed! The best way to keep a nursery clean is to make sure to always wash your baby's bedding and clothes before bringing the baby home from the hospital.

Nursing Chair

Having a nursery chair is especially important for new moms! Having a comfortable chair to sit in while rocking or feeding a baby will be a game-changer for new parents who find themselves tired at the end of a long day or those middle-of-the-night feedings. Look for something that swivels or rocks and has a comfy place for your feet, such as an ottoman. You could even consider finding an ottoman that has extra storage which will help keep your nursery clean and reduce stress.


Once you have a baby, you soon realize the importance of organizing throughout your home, especially in the nursery. One nursery essential is having a dresser to store all your essential baby gear. Try finding a dresser that also functions as a changing table. Using multifunctional baby room furniture is perfect for keeping things tidy in your baby nursery.


We can’t emphasize storage enough! If you are shopping for a new mom or you are a new parent yourself, keeping storage in mind is the perfect gift! Baby items are small and sometimes hard to keep track of. Having a diaper caddy that can hold essential baby items will help keep parents organized in the nursery or on the go.

Clothes Hamper

Babies go through several outfits a day. Having a specific hamper for baby clothing is on our newborn baby checklist. Being able to throw dirty clothes right into a hamper is a nursery essential for your baby. We recommend finding a hamper with a removable liner so you’ll be able to wash that as well. You want to start washing your baby’s items with natural cleaning products so you don’t harm the baby with unnecessary cleaning chemicals.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a great way to keep new parents at ease once their baby sleeps in a different room. Find a monitor that allows you to move from room to room so you always have an eye on your baby's nursery.

Play Mat

Using a play mat is a great way to keep your baby nursery organized and cleaned. Babies are messy and so having a play mat down on the ground will help keep your home clean and free of accidents.

Clothes and Diapers

Our last item for the nursery checklist is clothing and diapers. New parents can never have enough of either of these items. A great gift is a diaper caddy organizer filled with essential baby gear and diapers. This will help new parents stay organized plus have a useful baby item that will The stress of parenthood.

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