The Best Practical and Creative Gifts for Pregnant Women

The Best Practical and Creative Gifts for Pregnant Women

Best Practical Gifts for New Moms

Finding gifts for new moms can be hard if you are not a new mom yourself! Trends are constantly changing, so where do you even start? Luckily, a baby registry can guide you, but there are also so many unique, fun gift ideas you can explore. We wanted to make it a little easier on you so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts any new mom would love! 

Baby Essentials Gift

We always like to start with the essentials! If you aren’t exactly sure what your new mom will love, get them baby essential items you know they’ll use. A new mom can never have too many diapers, wipes, burp cloths or onesies. And don't stress about size. Size bigger than newborn so they are sure to grow into them. And if you're getting the essentials, don't forget to stuff them all in a diaper caddy organizer. No wrapping involved and the diaper caddy organizer is the perfect, practical gift every new mom can use. 

Mommy Service Gift

Gifting a service to expecting parents is a great idea! New parents are going to be exhausted and tired, so the last thing they want to worry about is cleaning the house or what to cook for dinner. Think about ordering a meal kit delivery  (Blue Apron or Hello Fresh) or hiring a home cleaning service. This is a great way to gift more time and sleep to tired, worn out new parents! 

Cozy Gifts for New Mom

Baby shower gifts are usually all about the new baby, but making sure to include a cozy gift for the first-time mom-to-be can be a fun surprise! You have to remember that the baby is not the only person experiencing something completely new in their life. And being a first time mom, (or any time mom for that matter) is hard. Buying a gift for the expectant mother shows that you care about her and are thinking about her needs as well. Throw in a face maskbath salts or maybe send her a new mom care package.


Gifting house slippers is a great idea for new moms. Most moms feel homebound the first few weeks after the baby comes, so having something comfy and warm to wear around the house can make it easier (especially during the cold winter months and middle of the night feeds!).


Do you know what goes well with slippers? A robe! A robe is the perfect thing for a new mom to throw on all day while multitasking trying to feed the baby, get housework done, take care of the other kids, run errands and more.

Cozy Blanket

Of course, the baby will receive swaddles and blankets, but what about mom? Mom will spend countless hours cuddling, feeding, swaddling and rocking the baby. So having a cozy blanket to cuddle up to will help mom feel important and supported during this time.

Unique Gifts for Moms to Be

When buying baby gifts for a first-time mom-to-be, really think about what it is they need and how you can help your new mom friend! Here are a few other fun gift ideas to check out.

If you aren’t sure where to start, most people have new born baby registries. Buying something off the registry is a great idea to ensure you get them something they are asking for. Transitioning from a couple to parents brings lots of challenges and having the support of their friends and family will mean the world to them.

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