Diaper Bag vs. Diaper Caddy?

Diaper Bag vs. Diaper Caddy?

Diaper Bag vs. Diaper Caddy?

There are so many baby products out there it can be overwhelming at times. Do you really need it all? We are here to settle the Diaper Bag vs Diaper Caddy debate. Yes, you really could use both of them. They are two entirely different products that make motherhood more organized and stress free.

Diaper Caddy
The main reason to purchase a diaper caddy is to easily have access to of all necessary items needed when changing your baby. The Arabella Baby Diaper Caddy is lightweight and easily portable. It is also made of nice, soft felt fabric. It will meet you and your baby’s needs as you move throughout your home and care for your little one.

Our caddy includes separate pockets for diapers, wipes, diaper cream, toys, and even your accessories like your phone. It is offered in 4 different trendy colors and our Ultimate Caddy is made with gray faux leather. While very sturdy, it is lightweight and easy to move from room to room as needed. We also recommend keeping a stocked Caddy in the back of your car. You never know when you are going to need back up for one of those blow-outs.

Diaper Bag
Babies need a lot of gear. A diaper bag is going to become your home away from home. Find a bag with lots of pockets. You'll need them to fit all of your baby's needs, plus the contents of your purse. Easily accessible pockets will allow you to grab a diaper or your cell phone quickly when you need it. Here are a few items you might keep in your diaper bag.

  • A portable changing pad
    • Diapers (1 to 2 for every hour you plan to be out)
    • Travel pack of disposable diaper wipes
    • Plastic bags to wrap up dirty diapers or hold wet clothes
    • Diaper rash ointment
    • Cloths for burping or for covering boys during changes
    • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Change of clothes for baby
    • Hat for sunny or cold weather
    • Baby blanket
    • Clean bottles and formula (if you're bottle feeding)
    • Baby toys or rattle
    • Pacifier
    • A portable baby pouch
    • Sunscreen (for babies over 6 months) Ask your pediatrician about sunscreen use for babies under 6 months, small amounts may be acceptable if needed.


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