Gifting a Diaper Caddy This Holiday Season

Gifting a Diaper Caddy This Holiday Season

Gifting a Diaper Caddy

With the holidays just around the corner, we wanted to take a second and talk about how our customers have gifted our caddies. Although they are intended to be used for babies, we have seen so many customers put their caddies to good use in multiple ways. Here are some ideas to name a few….

  • Crafts Caddy
  • Pet Caddy
  • Dorm Room Caddy
  • Car Caddy
  • Toiletries Caddy
  • Legos Caddy
  • Snack Caddy
  • Beach Caddy
  • Home Office Caddy
  • Church Caddy
  • Picnic Caddy
  • Travel Caddy

It’s been so fun to see our customers use our caddies in all aspects of their lives. Caddies make a great gift. If you are purchasing a caddy for a new mom we recommend filling the caddy with essentials for baby and for mom. This can be anything from snacks to bath salts. A caddy is a gift that keeps on giving as their child(ren) grow older. The caddy can transform into mom’s needs as they change.

Gift Sets

At Arabella Baby our products are designed with stress relief in mind. Our gift sets will get all the ooohs and aaaahs at the baby shower! Not only are they full of baby essential gear, they include our most popular stress-relieving product the diaper caddy organizer. The set comes in a super stylish polybag so you can send it to a new parent far away, wrapped and ready to please. Or you can receive the set yourself and customize it to your liking. No matter how you give it, our gift sets will be the most exciting gift your loved one receives for their baby! Plus, you save 15%! View all our gift sets HERE
Give the gift she really uses and loves this year. Gift Arabella Baby.

You can view our caddies HERE and all our other baby gear HERE.

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