Healthy Hands On Snacks For Baby 9-12M

Healthy Hands On Snacks For Baby 9-12M

Around 9 months of age you will notice your baby becoming hungrier between each meal. At this same time your baby will start to be ready for more hands-on foods and will need 1 or 2 healthy snacks each day. Preparing food for your weaning baby can be often time consuming and stressful but we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! We are giving 7 of the best healthy snacks for your baby 9 months and up.

Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

These easy treats store nicely in the freezer and you can make them in big batches. Your baby will love to eat something cold to soothe themselves during those teething months.


Muffins are the perfect snack for tiny hands. There are so many different recipes you can either go sweet or savory! This healthy option is a great idea for snacks on the go.


Again, easy for healthy snack on the go! Cut up into thin sticks to make it easy for baby to grab and chew.


This one can get messy, but babies love it. Either slice an avocado or give them an entire half to hold. Either way, baby will love this healthy snack and it will keep them full until their next feed.


Eggs are also an easy healthy snack! Scrambled or boiled your baby will love it. Keeping boiled eggs in the fridge makes for an easy on the go snack as well. Of course, make sure they are cut up and easy for baby to grab.

Simple Healthy Food Pouch 

Food pouches have made it easier to introduce different foods to baby. Make sure that you pick ones that are full of good ingredients to ensure baby stays full. Another option is to make your own and freeze them!

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are easy to bake and store right in the fridge. Slice or mash them up for your baby. Mashed sweet potatoes are perfect for introducing spoons to your baby.

Feeding your baby a variety of whole foods will keep your baby happy and healthy between feeds. 

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