How to Clean Baby's Nursery Correctly

How to Clean Baby's Nursery Correctly

With the cold months ahead of us we want to discuss how to keep your little ones safe from sickness. Cleaning your baby’s nursery is important as dust mites, bacteria, and molds can accumulate. We understand as a mother you already have a long list of to-do’s, so we’ve mapped out an easy way to clean your baby’s nursery this year.

Remove all the dust in the room using a damp cloth. Start with all surfaces such as tables, chairs, and other furniture. Remove all the items on the shelves and cabinets so you can dust off the furniture pieces more effectively. If the nursery has hanging lights or lamps it is a good idea to dust those as well. 

Wash All Fabric
It is important to wash all the bedding, curtains, sheets, blankets, pillows, changing mats and so on from the nursery. These types of items collect dust and bacteria over time. Wash them thoroughly in a baby-friendly detergent. Before placing items back in the nursery this would be a good time to deep clean the area. 

white bedspread

Deep Clean Areas Where Bacteria Lives
In order to sanitize a nursery properly, we recommend using an anti-bacterial solution that is also baby-friendly. This helps with making sure there is no residue left behind all while keeping toxic levels down. Wipe toys down using hot soapy water. After, rinse the toys and let them dry naturally before putting back into the nursery. Lastly, scrub the floors, clean all the windows, wipe down wall and baseboards.

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De-clutter the Area
Babies have more stuff than you can ever imagine. This is a great time to sort through the baby’s items and de-clutter their things. Organize all your baby's items to avoid clutter. Use shelves and baskets to do so.

pile of assorted-color toy boxes

Having your baby’s nursery clean will help keep your family happy and healthy during these next few months.

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