How to create a safe play area for your baby

How to create a safe play area for your baby

When you’re snuggling your newborn it’s hard to imagine them crawling or running around, but time flies and before you know it they will be exploring all the spaces and getting into everything!

In a few short months you’ll need to baby-proof everything and create safe play space for them.

Here are a few tips for creating safe play areas for your baby and toddler…

Pick a good spot

Before you can create a play area, make sure it’s in the right place where you can easily access and keep an eye on them. Keep it away from stairs, furniture, TV stands or anything they can climb onto. Remember to baby gate a room or area to keep them secure as well. Think of a space that’s large enough where you can spend time with them and get down on the baby’s level to read books, play with toys or just hang out.


Create a soft floor surface

Try to create a floor that’s as soft as possible. Consider getting a rug or baby puzzle foam floor mats. Carpeted floors work great, but we know that’s not always feasible.

Baby proof

Wherever you set up your up your play area will require some extra baby proofing around. Don’t forget to cover plug sockets, remove anything that hangs or anything will small pieces that could fit into your little one’s mouth. Keep the older sibling “big kid toys”  (i.e. Legos) out of this space just to be safe!

Find some great toys

And last but not least, add some fun toys for your little one. Add a baby play gym and some soft bins with books and other interactive toys. You can also add mirrors. Mirrors are entertaining for a baby and a great tummy time activity. Babies love looking at human faces which teach them all about emotions and social cues.

Creating a safe space for your baby will help develop independent play and concentration. They will learn to make their own decisions about what to play with and when. It will give them freedom of movement in an area they feel safe.

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