How to De-stress Your December as a Family

How to De-stress Your December as a Family

No matter what holiday you celebrate in December, remember that even though it can feel busy, it doesn't have to be stressful. December can be a great time to grow closer to family members, make new traditions and re-connect with friends and family afar.

You determine the experiences you and your children have this month, so here are a few tips to help you maintain more joy and peace this month...

1. Decide what's most important. Creating an elaborate agenda packed with too many activities can send your family into a tailspin this month. It will also guarantee tired kids and extra tantrums. So, take a few minutes and envision what you see December being like. Get out the family calendar and decide together what is most important. Then, say no to the rest!

2. Find meaning in brightening the season for others. Discover the spirit of the season and think of ways you can serve and brighten the lives of others. This could mean buying gifts for a giving tree, volunteering at a homeless shelter, or even just being "secret Santa" to a neighbor.

3. Reject the pressure to overspend. None of the holidays we celebrate in December are designed to include purchasing endless gifts and blowing the monthly budget. The pressures of commercialization can distract from the true meaning of these holidays and add stress to our wallets and even our kids.

4. Count your blessings. January is the time we all set resolutions and goals, so use December to reflect on your life throughout the year. Reflect, examine and appreciate the good and the bad. Ask each family member to write down one thing they want to leave behind in the old year, and one thing they're grateful for that they didn't have in previous years.

5. Choose vacations that leave you feeling recharged. If you go on a trip, try to do something that recharges and reconnects your family. Avoid getting stressed on a busy trip and coming home the day before school starts. This will help kids to be less cranky and stressed with the schedule change and adjusting back to school after a couple of fun weeks off! 

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