How to Help Your "Bored" Children

How to Help Your

One of the most frustrating things a parent or caregiver can go through is to hear their child say, “I am bored.” This is frustrating because we know that there are plenty of things or toys for them to play with. Having a bored child can lead to bad behavior. We’ve gathered a few ideas to help keep your children active and deal with boredom.

It’s important to know that being bored can be good for children. Experts agree that in today’s world children are overstimulated and overscheduled. That being said you should look at your child and support him like this is a positive thing. Boredom is essential for children to increase creativity and help your children grow in ways they wouldn’t otherwise.

When your child is forced to come up with a way to entertain themselves, this not only allows them to reflect on their interests and passions but gives them the confidence they need to succeed in their everyday life as they grow into an adult. 

Also remember that sometimes when a child is bored, they could be simply looking for adult engagement. We recommend that you sit down and have a conversation with your child or possibly offer to do a puzzle or read a book. Spending some time with your child on the couch may be the reset their body needed.

A great idea to get ahead of the“ I am bored” complaint is to have a “Bored Jar.” A bored jar is a jar filled with several ideas your child can do when they are complaining they are bored. This will get you ahead of the game when your child comes to you. Let him or her pick from the bored jar and let them do whatever they picked. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your jar.

Play a sport outside.
Getting outside is a great way to reduce boredom. There’s so much to look at here and see that being outside can stimulate your child enough. Find any kind of ball or net and play a game.

Bike ride.
If your child is old enough to ride a bike take them for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Make a game out of it and time your child up and down the driveway.

Do a chore.
This is a great idea to help them feel grown-up and keep them busy. Life isn’t always "play" and so sometimes when our children are bored putting them to work is the best option! Give them a task and tell them how you would like it to be completed.

Play a game like "hide and seek."
This game is old but a classic. It can either be done outdoors or indoors and you can get the whole family involved.

 Turn on some music and dance.
Sit down with your child ahead of time and make a dance playlist. When your child complains of boredom turn on the playlist and dance a few songs with them. You could even make up a dance together and have your child record it. 

Make a fort.
Children love making forts and there’s a great reason why. On the cold or hot days, when you’re stuck inside, gather up all your pillows blankets and anything else hanging around to create a private fort. Give them a flashlight and some books to keep them busy and quiet for a while.

Have them clean their room.
Having your child in charge of tidying their own room will help them feel like they have a purpose. Have a check-off list on how to accomplish cleaning a room and tell them you will double-check!

Art project.
Get on Pinterest and come up with a few ideas on art projects. Have the supplies around the house and ready to use when the time is right.

Play-Doh is a great way to keep your kids busy. Have a spot at the table where they can make their creations. Come up with a few ideas for your kids to create and just go with it.

Play with chalk.
Playing with chalk outside is a great way to spark creativity and imagination. If they are having a hard time figuring out what to draw nudge them to draw a picture of a story. 

Paint rocks.
Painting rocks is so much fun and inexpensive. Head to the backyard and find a couple of good size rocks and bring them inside. Let your child paint on the rocks and find a perfect spot in their bedroom for the rocks to stay.

Write a letter to a loved one.
Let your child write a letter about anything they would like to a loved one. Not only does it help your child create a closer relationship with this person it boosts their language skills and keeps them entertained.

Do a puzzle.
Have a few puzzles around. Puzzles are a great way for kids to put their brains to work. 

Bake something.
Baking is a great activity that will help them feel useful and accomplished. They also love being able to finish off the goodies once they’re done. 

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