How to Play with Baby

How to Play with Baby

Playing with baby is a daily activity. Making sure baby is hitting all those milestones such as: rolling over, pulling up, and crawling is important. By playing with baby every day, will help give them the tools they will need to make these physical and cognitive growths. Here are a few tips to make the most of your baby’s playtime.

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Let baby grab.

Baby is going to naturally reach for items. Lay baby on their back and dangle toys above them. Use different colors, shapes and textures. Young infants will first only hit them, but with practice they will soon be picking out their own toys from a basket.

Tummy time.

We can’t emphasize how important this is! We understand that tummy time can be difficult for some babies. Babies often fuss on their tummies because they aren’t strong enough and it is uncomfortable for them. Pushing them through this discomfort will allow them to grow stronger. When baby is strong enough to be on her elbows during tummy time try putting a toy in front of her to look at.


Helping baby stretch at about 3 months is important to help increase flexibility. Take baby by the ankles and stretch his legs out bending at the knees. Go back and forth. This is also a great way to help a baby with their bowel movements. Stretch their legs and arms in natural positions. You can also sing songs while stretching to get baby more engaged. Eventually he will be strong enough to do this on his own.

Play ball.

Balls can be one of the most fun toys for baby. As baby reaches for the ball it will move away from her. This will intrigue baby to move towards the ball trying to get it, pushing baby to move. 

Building blocks.

This helps baby be more creative. Stacking and sorting different colors of blocks. Showing your baby how to build blocks will be a fun way to bond.

Give baby new items.

Playing with baby can look like many different for everyone. Babies love new things. As your baby gets stronger try to give them different items. This can even be an empty water bottle. They will love to crinkle it in their tiny hands. Just make sure to take the cap off.

Make baby reach.

Place toys in front of baby helping them to reach. This helps them to learn to crawl. As your baby reaches for toys in different directions it will learn to shift its body weight accordingly. This will also help strengthen your baby’s core and hips.

Pull up.

Find different places to put toys for baby to grab upward. Start lower and gradually move toys to a higher position they grow stronger.

Challenge baby.

Set up an obstacle course for your baby. As they are starting to crawl and wiggle, start placing different things such as pillows in their path so they have to learn to maneuver around them. Climbing is a great way to help baby grow stronger. 

Help baby crouch.

Now that your baby can stand, place a toy on the ground next to her. As she goes to grab it she will fall on her bottom. Help her get back up. As you continue to do this she will get stronger and grow the motor skills to squat and grab.

Push push push.

Once your baby is ready to crouch, crawl, stand and move, they are probably ready to push. Having a toy that baby can stand and hold onto while walking will help baby learn to move about on his own feet.   

Baby and you can bond during playtime. Playing music and using easy snacks can be a great way to engage baby. Use one of our Diaper Caddys to organize all baby's toys. Leave any tips below on how to play with baby! 

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