How to Really Help Your New Mom Friend

How to Really Help Your New Mom Friend

Becoming a new mom is overwhelming. To say the least. New moms are suddenly in charge of a tiny human and the pressure to be “perfect” is on. The only thing new moms can really focus on is the health of themselves and baby, so we’ve put together a little list of items you can do to help your new-mom friend relieve some stress after bringing baby home from the hospital.

  1. FOOD.
    We can’t stress this enough. Bring over a meal for the rest of the family or a meal from her favorite restaurant. Helping out with mealtime can make all the difference for a new mom. Don’t forget to help feed the other kids and clean up if you can. Be proactive, anything helps.

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  1. Do a load of laundry.
    If you are visiting for the afternoon run a couple of loads of laundry while you are there. If baby has older siblings, laundry tends to pile up quick. Lifting baskets and hauling clothes around the house can be hard on a new mom’s body (even more with moms who had C-sections). Grab a basket and ask where to start. Your new-mom friend might decline but be persistent and happy to do it.

  2. Be helpful when you visit.
    Let her know that you would love to hold the baby while she grabs a shower. If you see simple house chores that need to be done, just do it. Entertaining older kids, taking the trash out or running a load of dishes are things that your new mom friend would appreciate.

  3. Come with a basket of snacks for mom.
    Bring a basket packed full of easy to eat snacks for your new-mom friend. This could be granola bars, crackers, water bottles or anything easy to eat while she holds baby. This will give the new mom some fuel all while doing her motherly duties.

  4. Bring a gift to remind her of herself.
    Everything is going to be ALL about the baby for the next little bit so it’s nice to be recognized for doing all this hard work. Bring some bubble bath, a book, or anything you know your friend will like. She will feel acknowledged and loved.

  5. Run errands for her before you come over or after you leave.
    Give your new-mom friend a call and ask what things she might need from the store before you come over. Anything from dish soap to diapers might be helpful and she won’t have to venture out on her own. If she says just come over, observe what she might need and then go to the store to restock her fridge or grab anything that you might think is helpful. Also, ask if you can help with driving any older kids to activities.

  6. Show some love to her overlooked Fur-babies.
    Once kids show up the pets get pushed aside. There is always some readjusting when bringing a new baby home when you own pets. Bring over a toy or treat for the animal or offer to take a dog on a walk. This could also relieve some stress for new moms who were vigilante about taking care of their pets before baby came.

  7. Always come with diapers and wipes.
    If you aren’t going to do food this is the second-best thing. Try and get close to the baby’s size, but in reality, they will eventually use them since babies grow so fast! These are items that your new-mom friend will always need so feel free to do this a couple of times. You can even ship some from amazon and it will be appreciated.

  8. Clean Something.
    If you don’t have the money or if your new-mom friend doesn’t need anything, offer to come do some cleaning. She will be so happy you did. Go over intending to sweep, mop and wipe. She will say no, but we recommend not to ask, just tell her it’s what you’re doing.

Be a helpful friend to the new mom. Encourage her and lift her up. She is going through a lot and needs someone there to just to count on.

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