Must Haves That STAY in the Car

Must Haves That STAY in the Car

Traveling or running errands with baby can often turn into a nightmare. We have a few tips and tricks to keep that at a minimum. Remember that when those days do happen, that feeling of hanging on by your fingernails will eventually end. You can do it! Until then, use this helpful tips brought to you by Arabella Baby Co.

Baby Car Kit Essentials:

An organizer of some sort. We obviously recommend either our Original Diaper Caddy <<< or The Ultimate Diaper Caddy. <<< Our Caddy’s use durable material and have handles for easy mobility.

Diaper changing pad. This is a must. You never know when baby is going to have an unexpected 10 wipe blowout. Having one readily available in your car will make it easier to change baby on the go and keep your car protected. 

Antibacterial wipes. Remember that diaper explosion we were just talking about? Yes. Cleaning wipes will come in handy during those times. Also, babies are just messy so having wipes available for anything is important.

Change of clothes for baby. Again, the blowout. Or it could be spit up this time? Possibly a food spill? Whatever the mess is, if you have a change of clothes for your baby you won’t skip a beat.

Change of clothes for you. Do we even have to explain? Have an extra outfit for you in the car. One day you’ll be happy you did!

Baby wipes. Of course, you will have your diaper bag, but there will be a time when you will need an extra container of wipes. We keep bringing up the blowout, you’ll understand why they call it a ten wiper. You can never have enough extra wipes!

Disposable nursing pads. These are important to keep handy when traveling for two reasons. One, for personal privacy and letdown. Two, if you are out running errands or shopping, you can keep it all to yourself while disposing of them easily. 

Pacifier. These are one of the easier items to lose. Having an extra in the car to keep baby calm will be a life saver!

Having these simple but everyday items in your car will help motherhood go smoother and keep you moving on with your day. Do you have any other tips? Comment below.

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