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How to Organize a Nursery 


Keeping your nursery organized is an important part of raising your children. Being able to find things when you need them will help reduce stress in motherhood. You’re probably looking at your nursery and wondering where did all this stuff come from. It’s easy to accumulate items from baby showers, friends, and family. Home organization can become overwhelming for new parents however don’t let that discourage you from keeping your nursery organized. We’ve outlined all the tips you’ll need for nursery organization.

Nursery Closet Organization

We recommend starting in your closet. The closet is an easy place to throw things in and shut the door. Our rule of thumb is everything should have a place and if it doesn’t then either throw away or donate. We’ve categorized four different ways to save space in your closet for nursery organization and to keep the nursery clean.

Sort Baby Clothes by Size

Start by sorting your baby's clothes by size. It’sIt’s normal for new parents to receive clothing for children that won’t fit them for several years. We recommend hanging up or folding clothes that fit the child currently and placing all other items away in baskets or bins labeled with the appropriate size of clothing. This way you were only dealing with the clothes your baby is currently wearing.

Use Hangers

Use hangers to hang all your baby's clothes. This way you’ll be able to see everything your baby wears and it will help you stay organized in your nursery. For items such as onesies and socks use bins and baskets and add them to the shelves. But for everything else, use a hanger! This will ensure that your baby’s clothes don’t get forgotten about stuffed in some drawer somewhere.

Add Shelves

Adding more shelves to your baby's nursery is a great way to stay organized. You can easily do this by making more shelves yourself or buying them online. Having more shelves in your closet area will give you more room to store baby items efficiently. You can store anything on shelves from toys, blankets, and extra clothing for your baby.

Customize the Space

Don’t forget to use the space you have. A great idea is to buy baskets to store items on the ground. We recommend having baskets for these items to keep things looking clean and organized. Often when you place things right on the floor they can get lost or things will look cluttered. With your closet space make your best judgment to use every inch! This will help keep the rest of your nursery clean and tidy.

Baby Shoe Organization

Having a specific place for baby shoes to stay organized is essential in a smooth-running home. Shoes are one of those items that need to be available when you need them. How many times can you think you’re ready to leave the house and the only thing you can’t find are your baby's shoes. We’ve come up with a few ideas to help you find baby’s shoes when you are ready to go!

Baby Shoe Racks

Keeping a baby shoe rack somewhere in your nursery is a great way to keep baby shoes organized! We recommend using a baby shoe rack either on the back of your nursery door or having a place for them on a shelf in your closet. Keeping your baby's shoes in one place will help you get out the door sooner and reduce the stress of going out with the baby.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Another great option is using multi-purpose furniture. Having multi-purpose furniture in your baby's nursery is a great way to stay organized. For example, many cribs have dressers and drawers and even changing tables attached. Finding a way to use multipurpose furniture to store baby's items such as their shoes will help keep your baby's nursery clean and tidy.

Baby Clothes Organization

Keeping baby clothes organized is probably one of the most difficult items in your nursery. Earlier we recommended hanging the baby's clothes in the closet. However, there will be lots of clothing options such as onesies, socks, and other items you won’t be able to hang. By finding good organization tools for these items you’ll be able to easily grab what you need when you need them.

Closet Dividers

Closet dividers are a great tool to organize your baby's clothes. You can use these with your hanging clothes as well, dividing baby’s clothes into different sizing or seasons.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers will also be very helpful when organizing your baby's clothing in their nursery. Having a few different dividers in one drawer will separate your onesies from your socks.

Folding Techniques for Baby Clothes

There are several ways to fold your baby's clothes however we recommend pairing socks and rolling items like onesies. Rolling small clothing items such as onesies and placing them in a vertical position it’s a great way to store your baby's items in their nursery. By organizing your babies close this way, you’ll be able to see all of your options right away and save time while dressing your baby.

Changing Table Organization 

Having an organized changing table station is one of the most important areas in your nursery. How many times do you change your baby every day? Being able to have an organized changing table will help keep diaper changes happen quickly and smoothly all while keeping your baby happy!

Use Baskets or Bins

We love using either baskets or bins to organize your baby's changing table. Using a diaper caddy is an essential tool when trying to keep your baby’s nursery organized. By using a diaper caddy, you’ll be able to have all of the baby's essential diaper items or baby gear in one place.

Organize by Accessibility 

We also recommend organizing by accessibility. Keeping the items you use most often on the top of your changing table and the items you don’t use as often in drawers or baskets below. This way you’ll be able to access all of your must-have items quickly.

Nursery Storage Tips

It’s easy to let your nursery get out of control and disorganized. There are many ways to keep a nursery clean but between the toys, books, clothes, and other baby items, keeping things organized can be difficult and almost seem impossible. However, with a few nursery storage tips and a little bit of work any new parent can keep their nursery organized and functional.

  • Arrange Functional Furniture
  • Use Labels
  • Leave Room for Growth
  • Explain the System to Others

Find ways to efficiently use the room and furniture you currently have. It’s important to remember your baby will get bigger so leaving room for growth will serve you in the long run. Use easy organization tools such as labels and organizers. And lastly, explain your organization system to other family members so everyone’s on board to keep your baby's nursery clean.

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