Our new puppy! The "mascot" for Arabella Baby

Our new puppy! The
We recently adopted a puppy! He's an adorable, super sweet Australian Mini Labradoodle. While it's exhausting to have a puppy, we're thrilled that he's now a part of our family! We gave the responsibility to name the puppy to Winston and he chose Cinnamon. Perfect!
As is the case with having a new human baby, fur babies come with their own equipment! And lots of it! As I was going through the items, food, chew toys, leashes, harness, collar, dental care products, deodorizer, shampoo, etc, I thought, "It would be nice to have a place to store this stuff and be able to take it with us if needed, like the dog sitter." And it dawned on me... I do have a place... a perfect way to store the items and have them on hand to move them when needed! Our signature diaper caddy! Why not use it?
And then it occurred to me that there are endless ways to use the caddy as an organizational tool. Craft supplies, breast pump supplies, books and study materials, toys, and the list could go on and on.
Here are some pics of ways to use our caddy in your home well beyond the "diaper years."
I loaded up the caddy with all the puppy essentials and keep it in my car. Now whenever we take Cinnamon with us, everything we may need for him is already in the car!
organization essentials storage basket caddy
I wanted to test the strength of the handles and thought books would be perfect. I loaded it up and put it on the scale...20 pounds! And I think I could have loaded more! Take the caddy with you on your next visit to the library or book store.
organization storage basket
Not the best pic, but here's another idea. If you're into knitting or crochet, or any type of handiwork, this is the perfect place to keep all those odds and ends you'll need to complete that amazing project. 
organization storage basket
And these are just the few ideas I thought of and took pics of for you to see! What ideas do you have for using this sturdy, high quality organizer?
Happy organizing!
Much love,
RossAnne Gibson

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