Taking New Baby to the Store for the First Time

Taking New Baby to the Store for the First Time

How to Take New Baby to The Store

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about taking baby along to the grocery store or shopping. These tips are simple, but with help reduce stress in your new life.

Be organized. Making the trip easy and quick as possible is vital to making the trip successful. Baby's needs are easy but happen frequently so make a list of everything you need before leaving the house. It’s helpful to organize the items based on where they are in the store so you aren’t running around the store several times.

Choose a good time. Go to store when you know it is less crowded. This will make it easier for you and baby. Going right after baby’s nap so they are well rested or first thing in the morning while the crowds are down is a perfect time.

Plan feeding. You don’t want to have to feed your baby in the car, so plan to feed baby before heading off to the store. This way baby will be happy and content until you are finished shopping.

Pack smart. Try and change baby’s diaper before you leave, but make sure to bring your diaper bag along for the ride. Bring the essentials, but don’t overpack! Between lugging groceries, baby and a car seat you don’t want to have anything extra you don’t need! Plus… you’ll be at a store in case there happens to be an emergency!

Bring the things for baby. Have toys and things ready to entertain baby while shopping. Hanging toys from carriers is great for your little one to play while you shop!

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Be creative in how you carry baby. Skip the stroller and use a carrier! Carrying baby in a front carrier can alleviate a lot of stress! You can leave the cart to run down an aisle and your hands are free to grab and push whatever you need. If you are grabbing just a few items put baby’s car seat right in the cart.

Don't worry. Yes, it will feel like everyone is staring. But probably because your baby is so cute! Keep focused and remember it’s just a quick trip and you’ll soon be back to your safe place.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any other tips and to pick up one of our Diaper Caddies to reduce stress and get more organized!

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