Three Natural Cleaning Products for Baby

Three Natural Cleaning Products for Baby

It is important to regularly clean your baby’s nursery. However, you will want to make sure you are not doing more harm than good. Several conventional cleaning supplies are made with harsh chemicals and are not safe to have around your new baby. We suggest using a more natural alternative that will still clean and helps you continue to feel safe about your baby’s health. 

We have listed the three main natural cleaning ingredients you can try in your own home. 

1.) Vinegar

This is an easy ingredient most people already have in their homes. On many occasions, it has proven to be a better disinfect than bleach. Use a mixture of water and vinegar on both furniture and surfaces in your baby’s nursery. You can add a small amount of baking soda to clean some more of your stinkier items like a diaper pail. Make sure the vinegar you use is food grade.

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2.) Lemon

Lemons are one of the best-kept secrets for cleaning and you can find them right in your grocery store! Lemons are antibacterial and antiseptic. This means they are the closest thing to a natural bleach. Clean off sticky surfaces by using a lemon right to it. You can also use lemon juice. 

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3.) Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a great choice when it comes to deodorizing and disinfecting your baby’s nursery, however, you have to find the right kind. Make sure they are safe, choose organic essential oils with no fillers. They need to be 100% pure. Add your choice of oil into your vinegar mixture, and start cleaning your baby’s room. It will smell delicious and be safe for your baby. 

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There are many other natural alternatives to safe household items you can use to cellar your baby’s nursery. Finding and using the right products will keep your mind at ease and your baby healthy.

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What natural cleaning products do you use in your baby’s nursery? Let us know in the comments!

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