Throw the Perfect Baby Shower

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How to Host the Perfect Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower can be a lot of work and sometimes stressful. Being stressed during party planning is completely normal and honestly expected. We have put together a couple of tips and tricks for you to throw the perfect baby shower and bring a unique gift to the baby shower!

Guest List and Baby Shower Invites

Starting with the guest list. Make sure to get an appropriate guest list from either the new mom or someone close to her. Don’t forget to grab their emails and physical addresses as it’s nice to have both. Your guest should receive invites about six weeks before the shower this way they have plenty of time to reserve a date, shop for gifts and find a babysitter if need be. For more casual showers, an email invitation is perfectly fine. If you’re hosting something more formal we recommend going with a paper invite.

Baby Shower Decorations

Make planning a baby shower easier by nailing down the details about three weeks before the party. Purchase decorations that aren’t perishable and wait to buy things such as flowers and food a few days before. You can easily make or buy place cards for extra fun details.


Finalize the menu with the mom for the baby shower. It’s appropriate to honor the taste of the new mother. If she’s craving comfort food, offer finger foods such as mini burgers, mini fried chicken, and a bowl of potato salad. Expectant moms who are into other cuisines will tell you what they like and focus on that. We always recommend serving miniature portions to make it easier for guests to manage the food as they enjoy the party.

Baby Shower Games and Timeline

It’s important to plan a timeline for the shower. Most showers include games, gift opening, and eating. The key is to organizing all of these activities to create fun for the guests and keep them entertained and engaged. It’s appropriate to give your guest 15 to 20 minutes to arrive and offer something to drink as they come to the door. Once everyone has arrived who RSVP'd, you’ll want to start an activity.

Opening Baby Gifts

Serving food while the expectant mother opens her gift is a perfect time. This way your guests are entertained by eating and watching their friend be showered with lovely gifts. Don't forget to write down gifts such as baby room furniture and others so your mom friend can send personalized thank you cards! A great unique baby gift is a diaper caddy! These make it easy to keep a baby's nursery clean and organized! 

Baby Shower Favors

It’s always fun to have a baby shower favor for people who came and showered their friend and expectant mother. Something fun like a magnet picture, scented soaps, candles, or bubble baths are always crowdpleasers!

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