Top 5 Things You Need on Your Newborn Registry

Top 5 Things You Need on Your Newborn Registry
While many new moms prepare their newborn registries, the seasoned moms at Arabella Baby wanted to share their top five picks for the items that never made it on to their registries but proved to be essential purchases later on. These items have turned into life and time savers but many new moms aren’t aware of how essential these things are when caring for your little one until they've had a little hindsight. If you are expecting, add these to your registry now! You will thank us later.
1. Nose Frida
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Gone are the days of bulb syringes to clear a baby’s stuffy nose. Since infants can’t blow their noses, moms have to help them along when they are suffering from a cold; however, a few years ago the only option was bulb syringes. The hospital may even send you home with one. The problem with bulb syringes is that it is impossible to control the force of the suction as you use it to clean your little one’s nose causing babies to act startled and cry. Nose Frida is a much gentler nose suction tool for infants. Designed by doctors in Sweden, the mother uses her own mouth to control the level of suction through a hygienic tube. Don’t worry, there is a filter so moms don’t actually get any “nose debris” in their mouth. Experienced moms love this product which is why it has made it on our list.
2. Moses Basket
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A sweet little basket to hold your baby that can go anywhere is an often overlooked baby essential. As a portable bassinet, it provides a place for your newborn to sleep anywhere in the house. This is especially useful if you have a two-story house as it gives you a way to keep your little one close by without needing to set up your playpen or stand-alone bassinet. Your little newborn can sleep in the basket on the couch, on your bed next to you for a nap (without worrying about rolling over on the baby if you are co-sleeping), or outside with you in a garden or patio. There are many on the market but we recommend the gender-neutral Moses basket by Badger Basket.
3. Diaper Caddy
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Speaking of portable and versatile baby items, another newborn must-have is the Arabella Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer. Changing tables sound like a good idea but experienced moms will tell you that this pricey baby item rarely gets used. In reality, diapers are changed on couches, beds, car seats, you name it! The Arabella Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer creates a portable diaper changing station wherever you need it. By filling the caddy with your diaper changing essentials you always have what you need at your fingertips no matter where you are. Many moms have multiple caddies to hold diaper supplies upstairs, downstairs and even in their car or to store other essentials like breast pump supplies in one place. Large enough to hold diapers for more than one child or multiples this baby essential is a must-have. As opposed to basket-type caddies, the Arabella Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is made of a lightweight material that makes it easy to carry while also holding our little ones. What is more, it can be upcycled after potty training to hold toys, books, craft supplies, etc. giving you years and years of use out this one, single product. The Arabella Baby Diaper Caddy is available for purchase on this site. You can find it HERE
4. Hospital Grade Breast Pump
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“Liquid Gold” is the term breastfeeding moms use to call their expressed breast milk and spilling a bottle of pumped milk is a case were crying over spilled milk would be an acceptable response. It takes a good deal of effort to not only have your body create the milk but to pump it and store it, as well. There are many, many types of breast pumps such as manual or electric and they can serve their purposes but if you plan on pumping a lot of breast milk to store for when you return to work, a hospital grade breast pump is the way to go. More efficient at expressing milk, hospital grade pumps are a more expensive but well-worth it choice. The moms at Arabella Baby recommend the Spectra Hospital Grade Breast Pump mainly because the tubes are designed to resist backflow and, therefore, make it easier to clean than its competitor, Medela.
5. Video Baby Monitor
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Of course, baby monitors are a tried-and-true essential; however, did you know you can get a video monitor that can also give you room temperature readings, allow you to talk to your baby from afar, and do all this with night vision? Monitors have come a long way from the one-way walkie-talkie style they use to be. Prices for these types of monitors can go well into the hundreds of dollars and, with that in mind, the moms at Arabella Baby recommend the Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor by Hello Baby. It is a great monitor our moms have tested and, even better, it is a very affordable monitor considering all its functionality.
Add these items to your baby registry or buy them for a friend or loved one and they'll be forever grateful to you!

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