Tricks and Tips for Traveling with Baby

Tricks and Tips for Traveling with Baby

 Tricks and Tips for Traveling with Baby

Are you planning on taking a trip with a baby soon? We promise you can do this! But, before you go, learn these simple but helpful tips to make your travels go smoothly. 

When it is time to visit family, packing up the car and the kids can be a lot! We have mapped out a few tips and trick to reduce stress and make room for fun.


Leave the expectations at home

Things aren’t going to go the way you planned and that’s okay. You are going to stop more than you anticipate so don’t be in a rush to get to your destination. When your children need a rest, it is best to stop. Going into the trip knowing you’ll need to leave expectations behind and be more flexible, you’ll be ahead of the game.


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Plan Plan Plan and Plan some more

If your drive is long, plan out good pit stops and rest areas. This will help you avoid the meltdowns of a hungry baby or restless toddlers. If you are driving all day we even recommend finding a place for your older children to play while you feed the baby. Pack simple things like bubbles or toys for your children to play with at these stops. 


Time what you can

We understand you don’t have complete control over your children's meltdowns, however, use timing to your benefit. If you know your baby will sleep well in the car then try to coordinate with either naptime or bedtime. This way you can have some quiet time yourself. If your baby doesn’t sleep well in the car, try to leave soon after the baby wakes up so you have a happy and well-rested baby to start the trip.

Either way, make sure all children are fed and have a clean diaper before you get out the door.

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Pack the car like a professional 

Pack the day before you leave. This will help you remember if you are forgetting anything and help you realize what you need close to you. Put essentials in the car with you while everything else goes in the back. DO NOT pack anything you will need in the back of the car. You don’t want to be rummaging through the back of the car looking for “blanky” on the side of the road. 


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We recommend using our Diaper Caddy to hold all the essential while traveling. You can see more of this product HERE

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Nurse or feed strategically

If you are nursing and a passenger, try to get ready to nurse before your stop happens. This way all you’ll need to do is grab baby to feed. If you are pumping, you can also pump for your baby while in the car and feed in the backseat while driving.

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Bring snacks for everyone

Bringing snacks for your children as well as yourself will save you from tears and tantrums. Have a small cooler filled with healthy and fun snacks to eat either in the car or at pit-stops. 


Recreate a sleeping environment

Hopefully, you have a baby who will sleep in the car. To help make your baby feel comfortable, we suggest recreating a sleepy environment. Try and do the types of things you do at home. Use white noise and try to darken the windows. Bring any items that comfort your babies such as a blanket or pacifier. 


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Prepare for everything

We can close our eyes and hope for the best, but something unexpected usually happens on a road trip. Either a blowout or meltdown it is going to happen. Be prepared and you can have a pleasant experience traveling with your baby or toddler. 






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