Where to Begin When Organizing Your Home

Where to Begin When Organizing Your Home

Have you ever thought about organizing your home and you just don’t know where to start? Things begin to feel overwhelming and you just start moving things around the house with no plan in place. We’ve mapped out a simple solution to help you start the process and move through your home easily when it comes to organizing. Rather than tackling room by room, we suggest being more a little strategic. Focus on the different types of spaces rather than each room.

Storage Space

We suggest starting with your storage spaces. This might seem like an odd place to start. Why wouldn’t you start in a more high traffic area like the kitchen or living room? The reason being, organizing your storage space will help you better clean the other rooms. Having your storage space organized and understanding where goes what is going to make the process a lot smoother. While you clean the other rooms you’ll have space available in your storage space to put unused items. 

Once you start going deeper into the other rooms, you’ll find that it will be a lot easier to declutter and rearrange items knowing that there is a place for all of your things to go. Organizer storage space into different categories, appliances, clothing, shoes, books, and papers. Have a place for everything to go and keep it neat and tidy and clutter-free.

Cleaning the storage space out first is like cleaning out old food in the fridge before putting new groceries in. in your storage space, if there are items that haven’t been used in the past five years, we suggest you donate or throw them out.

If you feel like tackling your storage is too much start with a smaller project like possibly a linen closet. Then you can move onto the bigger Storage items such as rooms and more tedious spaces like drawers. If you’re having difficulties processing the bigger rooms, break the room up into smaller projects. Don’t forget that sometimes when you start organizing a room it looks a lot worse before it gets better!

Shared Spaces

after organizing all of your storage then you can move on to more shared spaces. Shared spaces are going to be the most traffic areas in your home. These will be the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and possibly entryways or rooms leading to the garage.

If you have kids at home, have them help! Having the kids help around the house will teach them that they need to live tidier and expect the places around them to be clean. This might even prompt them to clean their own space like bedrooms or home offices. Whether or not they noticed that you were organizing and cleaning make sure to have a conversation with either your family or roommates on exactly what you’re doing and what you expect. Work together on the best place to store those shared items. By involving your children or partner in the cleaning process will help give a sense of responsibility to them to keep things clean. 

In the shared spaces, anything that doesn’t belong in the room should go to a storage space. Dust, vacuum, and wipe down walls and baseboards. If there are any windows in the room go ahead and clean those while you’re at it too.

Personal spaces

After the shared spaces move on to more personal spaces. Personal spaces look like bedrooms, closets, and home offices. These rooms typically take more focus to organize. Mostly because these are things that you use daily. So organizing through these items means you need to assess everything that needs a place. 

This is also a great time to have your children focus on each of their rooms. Give them tasks and have them fulfill those tasks before moving onto another. 

Personal spaces take more energy to organize, it’s a good idea to take personal space is one room at a time or start all of the personal spaces on a weekend morning when you know you’ll be able to power through the day.

Again when starting a personal space, start with the storage space like a closet. Don’t organize bedrooms before making sure the Storage in the bedroom is ready for new items. Closets usually are filled to the brim with things that need to be donated or thrown away. 

Wash all your linens and make sure to vacuum dust and clean any windows. It’s easy to find organization and storage essentials nowadays. Having lots of bins and baskets for things to go will help keep things neat and tidy. Our diaper caddy is perfect for any nursery meeting organization. You can find it HERE.

Small spaces 

Last you want to move to your smaller spaces. Small spaces are extra closets, laundry rooms, guestrooms, and any mudrooms. We use these small spaces every day, however, we don’t ever usually spend that much time here. So the organization in these rooms usually followed by the wayside. Having these rooms organized will make your home more efficient and easier to live in.

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Having these rooms organize makes living in your home easier. For example, if you have guests coming to visit, having the linen closet organized will be better for you and them when finding extra supplies. Also having the laundry room and closets organized, will help your children to be able to start doing chores on their own. They’ll know where to find everything and can keep it nice and tidy.

Organizing a whole house can be very overwhelming. Remember to start small and just move from space to space. When cleaning a house you need to start back with the storage and move to the shared space and then personal space and then your small spaces. Also, give yourself enough time to accomplish this big task. Maybe focus on doing a big storage area on a single Saturday and then focus on the smaller storage areas the next Saturday. It might take some time but in the end, it will be worth it to have a nice place to live.

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