What to Put in Your Baby's Diaper Caddy

There are several essential baby items that you should keep in your nursery or readily on hand when you’re on the go, and a diaper caddy can help keep those items organized for easy access and use. As a new parent, there are many tasks to juggle from baby-proofing your home to properly organizing a nursery, and knowing which “must-haves” to include in your diaper caddy can help take a little of the stress off of your baby-planning plate.


Diaper Caddy Must-Haves

There are certain items that you should always aim to keep stocked in your diaper caddy. The following information is meant to provide insight into what those are and why they are important. 

1. Diapers

Diapers are an absolute necessity to have at all times and, according to Healthline, parents who use disposable diapers can go through around 3,000 diapers in the first year of the baby being born. Some parents decide to use disposable diapers, others choose to use cloth diapers. Regardless of which option you choose, you should have multiple stocked in your diaper caddy.

2. Baby Wipes

Stocking up on wipes goes hand-in-hand with stocking up on diapers. You can purchase small, convenient packages of wet wipes that are easy to tuck into your diaper caddy. Aim to keep at least one package of wet wipes in your caddy. If you use cloth diapers, you may want to keep a bottle of wipe solution as well.

3. Diaper Cream 

Newborns have sensitive skin and some babies are prone to diaper rash. Diaper cream can help keep your baby’s skin healthy. Do your research to choose the one that is right for your child, and be sure to keep one in your diaper caddy at all times. 

4. Baby Lotion

Almost all babies experience dry skin at some point, and it is important to manage it to avoid potential discomfort. Baby lotion can help to protect against chafing and itching. Similar to diaper cream, be sure to do your research and pick the right lotion to keep in your diaper caddy — especially if you know that your baby has sensitive skin.

5. Plastic Bags

Some parents use their diaper caddy on the go and there may not always be a trashcan nearby. Not all diaper changes are mess-free, so you may want to stock your caddy with plastic bags for extra messy changes. You don’t necessarily need to keep an entire roll of garbage bags, but one or two may be a good idea to keep handy.


6. Changing Pad

Changing pads can help you protect your baby from rough surfaces, and to protect whatever surface you are changing the baby on from messes. If you are someone who is regularly on the go, changing pads can make things easier for traveling with your baby as well. These pads are often compact so they can be tucked away easily in your caddy.

7. Burp Cloth

After you feed your baby, you will likely need to burp them. It is not uncommon for babies to spit up when they’ve been burped or shortly after feeding, so it can be a good idea to keep a burp cloth stocked in your diaper caddy to protect your clothes from spit-up.

8. Baby Toys

Baby toys can be used to keep the little one occupied during changing, or in other scenarios where they might be getting antsy or fussy. Keep a couple of toys tucked away in your caddy for stimulation or to keep them distracted. Be sure to clean them periodically as well.

9. Swaddle

There are a variety of benefits to swaddling your baby, including helping a baby sleep longer, reducing anxiety, and keeping your baby on their back. There are all sorts of swaddles to choose from to keep in your diaper caddy. 

10. Pacifier

Pacifiers can be used to soothe babies and they are nice to keep handy. Not all parents choose to use pacifiers, so if you do not, be sure to include whatever soothing item you use for your baby in your caddy.

11. Change of Clothes

It is fairly common for babies to need one or multiple outfit changes throughout the day, for a variety of messy reasons. It’s both practical and smart to keep an outfit or two on hand. At a minimum, you should keep an extra onesie in your caddy.

12. Nail Clippers

Baby’s nails are notorious for growing quickly. Parents often need to trim them multiple times a week to avoid broken nails and babies accidentally scratching themselves. It’s a good idea to tuck a pair of baby nail clippers in your diaper caddy. 

13. Thermometer 

Parents can feel whether a baby is warm or cool by touch, but you can’t accurately determine a baby's temperature without a thermometer. There are multiple thermometers to choose from to determine if your baby is sick, but it is a good idea to keep at least one of the options available in your caddy.

14. Nasal Aspirator

Babies are unable to blow their noses, so parents often use a nasal aspirator to clear any mucus that builds up in a baby's nose. This can be especially useful after a bath or when your baby is sick. There are a few different types of nasal aspirators (bulb, electric, human suction) so choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and keep it in your diaper caddy.

15. Hand Sanitizer

Between cleaning up throw-ups and changing diapers, it can be extremely useful to keep some hand sanitizer nearby. Additionally, babies put almost everything in their mouths — your fingers included. Having hand sanitizer in your baby caddy can help you make sure your hands stay clean for your baby.

Ultimately, the essentials you choose to include in your diaper caddy are up to you. If there are certain must-have items that you like to keep on hand that aren’t on this list, make sure to include them in your rotation. Your baby caddy should be stocked according to you and your baby’s needs.