Bandana Bibs Set of 3

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Baby Animal Bandana Bib Set of 3

“I got this bib as a gift and I’ve been using it ever since. The bib protects the clothes from staining, and my baby is the happiest to wear at breakfast or dinner!”

Let your baby make all the mess while eating or teething! We’ve got your back. The Baby Animal Bandana bibs are a playful take on comfort and style, with 3 cute patterns, baby elephants and giraffes, baby dinos, and baby forest animals. With its 6-layer safety, it protects your baby from staining or spilling food.

The best part? The bibs are made from 100% cotton and have a non-scratchy plastic snap that does not irritate your baby's skin and is adjustable for 2 sizes.

(NOTE: Patterns may vary slightly from those pictured)

“I’m super happy with the quality of this bib. Totally loved the look on my munchkin!” - Kat Harper

“I bought a set of three of these bibs and I’m absolutely happy with the product.” - Andy Graham