Premium Signature Caddy - 3 colors

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“I gifted the premium signature caddy to my sister after my niece was born. She is so happy with the product. Being lightweight, it can be carried easily with the baby in your arms as well.” - Nathaniel Fell

What if we told you that this caddy can be used as a handbag as well? You got that right! The premium signature caddy can be used as a baby’s essentials-only handbag for it is lightweight and has soft handles to carry it on the shoulder or arm. The added space in the pockets and on the edges helps the mother fit diapers, wipes, or magazines! 

Why buy The Premium Signature Caddy? 

The Premium Signature Caddy is an upgrade to the Signature caddy. The ribbon binding on the edges gives the caddy a stylish and chic look. The caddy can be cleaned and folded easily, making it a must-have for outdoor fun. The 3 main compartments help you fit quilts, swaddles, food items, toys, and lotions. The 8 exterior pockets help you keep diapers, wipes, waste bags, napkins, and towels for the baby. It's a sweet love story of storage and style!

What are the benefits of buying The Premium Signature Caddy?

Here’s a quick list of benefits for buying the Premium Signature: 

  • It has 8 exterior pockets, apart from the main pocket storage. 
  • This caddy comes in 3 different colors. Choose the one that best suits your needs!
  • It cleans nice and easy and can be folded when not in use. 
  • The size of this caddy is 15 X 10.5 X 7 inches. SUPER SPACIOUS!
  • It is made of soft and sturdy material. 

How can I keep The Premium Signature Caddy clean?

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! It is that simple to clean this caddy! 

All you need is a damp cloth to clean this caddy. You can clean the interior, exterior, edges, and handles with a damp cloth! 

How can I fold The Premium Signature Caddy? 

The caddy folds easily. Simply push the short ends in toward the middle! The caddy is shipped already folded, so we recommend you open the caddy, and place the inserts as soon as you receive it to allow the creases to relax.